Aeronautical Quality Audits

We carry out Quality audits in EASA Part 145 Maintenance organizations, EASA Part M Airworthiness organizations, Part CAMO, Part CAO and Part ML

Development of Operation, Airworthiness and Maintenance manuals

We develop manuals for the aeronautical sector related to EASA Part 145 (MOE of the Maintenance Organization), with the Airworthiness Parts (EASA Part M Organization CAME); as well as Operations manuals (required by EASA Part ORO, CAT, etc.)

Recruitment of aeronautical personnel

We make aeronautical personnel available to companies (pilots, mechanics, engineers, technicians, etc.)

Contract monitoring checks and technical advice

We have aeronautical experts to carry out the responsibility of verifying and controlling aircraft acquisition contracts, as well as checking the performance of the operation, maintenance, training and facilities of subcontracted organizations. We have long experience in this field from 2011 to 2022, inclusive, with an important SAR service

CVE EASA DOA Part-21J Service for Flight Test Cat 2

We have staff with extensive background in flight testing and also with EASA approval to develop CVE (Compliance Verification Engineer) Category 2 tasks necessary in EASA DOA Part 21J organizations.

Translations of manuals and documentation

In Aviation, the use of English is essential on many occasions, which is why we have bilingual Spanish-English aeronautical professionals. In addition, we also have Spanish-French bilingual professionals with extensive experience in the international aviation industry, with top-level aircraft manufacturers.


Internal aeronautical audits in Spain, Argentina and Chile

We have performed audit services in CAMO organizations, Part 145 and ISO 9001 Quality System; both in Spain and in Argentina and Chile

Development of CAME, MOE, Flight and Operation Tests manuals

We have developed CAME, MOE, Flight Test, CAT Operation and Training manuals for Spanish and UAE companies (under EASA and UAE GCAA regulations)

Compliance Verification (CVE) in Organizations EASA DOA Part 21J

We support two EASA DOA Part 21 organizations with CVE’s Flight Test, taking responsibility for approving both flight test procedures as well as their results; which have to be carried out when new system designs (STC`s) or aircraft repairs are developed, which require these tests. We have developed several projects and we are trained and approved to develop them in small planes, complex helicopters and also in non-complex ones.

Provide aeronautical personnel for a project in Germany

On occasions we have provided aeronautical technical personnel to a company subcontracted by Airbus in Germany

Contract follow-up and advice on the new EC225 SAR helicopter

For years we have carried out inspections to monitor the correct service subcontracted by Salvamento Marítimo (SAR Mar), for the operation, maintenance of aircraft and maintenance of facilities in 14 air bases. In addition, we have collaborated in monitoring the contract and acceptance of the new EC-225 large helicopter acquired from Airbus Helicopters.

Training of pilots, mechanics, engineers and flight test personnel in EASA Part 147

We have provided instructors to Airbus Helicopters for type training of various helicopter models, as well as for flight test courses. In addition, we have also given flight test courses and basic training for maintenance technicians in various EASA Part 147 centers.

Verification and validation of aeronautical manuals in English

We have carried out the verification and validation of EASA and EMAR regulation manuals, written in English, in a company subcontracted by Airbus Defense, due to the great background of our staff

Training of writers of manuals on EASA regulations

We have given courses on EASA aeronautical regulations and basic training of maintenance technicians in various EASA Part 147 centers.

Teras Aviation has recognized aeronautical specialists (SME) and the ability to carry out the development of projects as well as advice and collaboration with companies and organizations, carrying out audits of the Management Systems of aeronautical organizations (maintenance, airworthiness, operations, training, design, production, etc.), monitoring of aeronautical service contracts, verification of services provided, audits of Quality and Environmental Management Systems, aircraft evaluation, personnel selection, CVE flight expert services test for DOA’s EASA Part 21J, development of manuals (MOE, CAME, MTOE, etc.), Training and translation of manuals.

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