Teras Aviation S. L. has significant aeronautical specialists, as well as the ability to carry out assessment and collaboration with companies and agencies about multidisciplinary aspects which improve the aviation's reality and the environment in which they be apply, making it more efficient and providing safe services and operation of the overall aviation system. Some of these specific jobs, in which we have experience and the ability to carry out them, are listed below:

  • Technical and flight operation advice.
  • Assessments and reports about the aircraft's technical condition.
  • Technical manuals, according to the rule STE-100 (Simplify Technical English)
  • Preparation of operation manuals.
  • Development of programs (syllabus) and schedules relating to training.
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Quality audits, technical and/or operational.
  • Technical translations.
  • Commercial representation of products and services.
  • Official distributor of E-Z GRIP products for Aviation and Naval sectors.
  • Development of Airport Security Training Programs (Airline companies that request us)
  • Assessments and management about Security (Aviation sector)



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