Technical Support 


*      Technical Support & Assistance:

Ø Our aeronautical technical team (Subject Matter Expert), have extensive experience  and EASA qualifications to carry out the technical support, that our customers request us.


Ø  We have specialists trained and very experienced to perform the following services:

§  Technical evaluations of aircraft,

§  Inspections of aircraft,

§  Certification tests,

§  Ground and flight tests ,

§  Acceptance testing of aircraft.


Ø  Our specialists are trained to respond quickly and effectively to solve any problem or project.


Ø  With the guarantee of the most versatile and efficient professionals.


Ø  Our teams usually consist of 2-3 people dedicated exclusively to the project to completion. Thus we get a short response times maintaining our quality standards.


Ø  Because fewer intermediaries, is a cost saving and time spent directly to the customer.





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